Minibar Systems – Our Strengths 

Over 40 years in business

•  Strong expertise in what it takes to make minibar profitable

•  More than 1 million minibars installed in hotels, currently > 300’000 rooms serviced

•  Technology driven: constantly launching new products and services

•  Technology range: From Absorption to compressors, From honor to fully automated minibars

•  Products portfolio: Minibars from 20 to 60l and auditable Safes from such to fit Cameras/ Passports to such that would fit super-labtops

•  Best quality which allows us to offer extended warranty terms

•  We comply with all relevant product and production certifications

•  Strong post sales support which allows us to keep the hotel operative

•  Worldwide Coverage

•  Part of a larger family of world-class companies 

Please visit our new site: for all information and (online) ordering

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